Your Prayers Answered

bauti3Last year we were asking you to pray for a family; Alberto, Consuelo, Alberto Jr, and Yemileth. After leaders from La Fuente; Daniel, Miguel Angel, Mario and myself started a group in their house, and everyone on our pray group prayed for this family, the father Alberto Sr was baptized into Christ. We asked our prayer group to continue to pray for Alberto Jr who was struggling with addiction. Alberto Jr attend this study but was not consistent and was eventually kick out of his house by his parents. Alberto Sr, Consuelo and their daughter Yemi continue to attend church, study, pray, and try and reach their son with the gospel. Months later while we are here in Lubbock we received news that Alberto Jr returned home, began attending church and the study regularly, and was finally baptized into Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:3-7; Gal. 3:26-27). Please know your prayers and partnership has help bring many souls to Jesus Christ…

Rest, Renew, and Retool

10407085_303713579818401_6622687412398438528_nFamily is the best! Recently our entire family was able to be together for a whole weekend, this was this first time in two years. We love being on the mission field but there is a big sacrifice we make as we leave our family members behind, and we make an even bigger sacrifice when we leave our own children behind. We are currently in a season where our kids our leaving home, getting married, and going to college and it has taken a bigger toll on the family emotionally then we expected. That is why we are so thankful to have supporters who not only care about the gospel message but also care for the messengers. The last four plus years working in Cuernavaca, Mexico have been amazing and we are eager to return to the mission field, but because of the recommendation of our sponsoring congregation we will take advantage of some time to rest, renew, retool, and to spend time with our family. We love those who pray and support us so much! God is good, let’s win souls for Jesus!


The Fruit of the Gospel

42The Lord has blessed our team abundantly with fruit through the gospel message. Our team landed on the field in May of 2010 and the Lord has used us to bring 41 people to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 39 of those souls (according to my count) have been added to the Body of Christ during the last three years since we opened the doors of the La Fuente Iglesia de Cristo. Another exciting fact is that many of these baptisms are a result of Mexicans sharing their faith with their friends and family. We want to thank all those who pray for and support our work, we could not have done any of this with out you! Please pray that the gospel will continue to ring out from our Mexican brothers in Cuernavaca, Mexico. God is good, let’s win souls for Jesus!


Desperate need for hope!

Newly Born Christians Born Again 2Born Again 5Out of the Wheel ChairI recently met a women named Virginia, after speaking with her I learned that her daughter (Lorena) has terminal cancer in her spine. The first thing I thought was “man would I love the chance to teach her the gospel”. I gave Virginia my number and told her I would like to met her daughter and pray for her. She called me a few days later and told me I could come and pray for Lorena.  After church I took one of our leaders Daniel (medical consultant at a pharmacy) to go visit Virginia and her daughter. After they told us they both believed in Jesus we began to study the gospel and the study could not have gone any better. Lorena and her mother Virginia have obeyed the TRUTH (1Pt. 1:22-23) and have received eternal life, Amen! It was such a humbling experience watching how much work and even pain it took Lorena to be baptized, but like she said ” it was all worth it because she received the greatest gift in the world, eternal life.” The cancer in Lorena’s spine is so bad Virginia had to give Lorena several injections into to her spine so she could withstand the pain of leaving her bed, being baptized, and then spending a few hours with her new family in Christ. It took four of us to perform the baptism but because we have so many brothers who are eager to serve it was no problem.  Virginia said “she knew that God sent us into each others paths because this is the hope they have been praying for.” They were baptized on Saturday (1/25/14) and when I talked to Virginia on Monday and she said her daughter is so happy after being baptized and that this is the first she has seen her smile since having the tumor in her spine. Virginia has said she can not believe how much God is blessing them after they have begun studying the Bible and have been baptized. Virginia has sold almost everything in her house to pay for Lorena’s medical expenses. Recently the doctors had to connect a tube directly to Lorena’s spine so she can inject morphine directly into her back, the veins in Lorena’s arms are all collapsed from the long period of time she has been taking injections to help with the pain she is in. We have started a study night at Lorena’s house on Wednesday nights and will also be picking her up to come to church when she is able (taking consideration the pain she is in). Please keep them in your prayers, Lorena is only 23 years old and it is a very difficult and painful situation to be involved in, but I am so humbled to be a part of God bringing His salvation into the lives of these two people who were in such desperate need for hope! God is good, let’s win more souls for Jesus!

God brings the Increase

photo 5 (1) Ruben, Ada, and Irving are related to a family (Vero, Toño, Isaac, and Sarahi) who is very involved in the congregation. Ruben’s family has been coming to church and small group for over a year. Our small group and congregation has spent so much time praying, teaching, serving, and loving this family that it was a tremendous joy and relief when they finely decided to become Christians. We are so proud of Vero’s family for inviting this family to come and learn about the wonderful salvation we have in Christ Jesus. As I look back at when things began to change with Ruben’s family I have to point back during a week where Ruben, Mario, and myself were working together at the church building. Mario and myself began to confess our struggles with ourselves and in marriage. People outside the church need to see we are all just people with struggles, that is why we all need Jesus. Ruben, Ada, and Irving were getting ready to leave on vacation when Ruben contacted me and said “they wanted to obey the gospel before they left to go visit their family in Southern Mexico”, Amen! I love to see when a father or husband is baptized and they then baptize their own family members. What a joy it is to be a part of the Kingdom of God! 1Cor. 3:6 I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.

Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

DSC06706 Mario, Adriana, Julie, and Apollos are a family we met just weeks after arriving in Cuernavavca, Mexico. After many conversations we knew this family would be an excellent addition to our future work if we could help God win their souls. Three years later the Lord provided just that and what we believed before has proven to be true. Mario and Adriana have introduced us to more than 10 new contacts and we have had several Bible studies and even a baptism. One of the people Mario brought to La Fuente was a man named Enrique Puntos. From the first time we started studying with Enrique I knew he had a heart for God’s Word. Mario and myself spent a little over a month teaching Enrique the gospel and answering all his questions and doubts. Enrique has a desire to take this message to his family so please pray the Lord opens those doors. Let’s win souls for Jesus!

New Creation in Chrsit

DSC_0867 A little over two years ago I met a crippled man name Alex (Jose Alejandro). Ever since he was crippled by a car accident he has lived on the streets. When I met him he was working near my house at a market where he would open people’s car doors for food and tips. Alex had lived in Los Angeles and spoke some English so we immediately had something in common. Alex has a lot of Bible knowledge from reading Jehovah Witness pamphlets and even attending various churches in the past. The first time a Bible conversation came up he had mentioned to me the second coming of Christ. From there I continued to visit him at the market, but the more I spent time with him the more my heart hurt and the more I wanted to see him become a Christian and receive the inherence we have waiting for us in heaven (1Peter 1:3-5; Eph. 1:13-14). Through my time of knowing Alex I have seen him sleep on the sidewalk, on a piece of cardboard among some bushes, in an abandon van, and also in an abandon storage shed. After two years of visiting him, feeding him, taking him to the hospital, clothing him, praying for and with him, and studying the Bible together Alex finally became a new creation in Christ (2Cor. 5:17). Another connection Alex and I had was he struggled with drugs and alcohol. Many times when I would show up to visit him he smelt like alcohol or like he had been inhaling paint thinner. After the sharing of my own victory of addiction and lots of studying about the gospel and the freedom we have from sin (Rom. 6:17-18) Alex was baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:27). Alex is now in a Christian based home that helps the homeless and those who are fighting addiction, please pray for him as he grows in Christ and fights the good fight of faith. God is good.

New addition to the family

On October 4, 2013 our oldest daughter Dominique Reyes was married to a current S.I.B.I. student named Luis Hernandez. Luis is in his second year of studying to get his bachelor in Biblical Studies at Sunset International Bible Institute. Although for a dad this was a very difficult and stressful time, what a blessing it was to see our daughter committing her life to someone just as God had planned. It was a very heavy week of preparation before the wedding, but in the end it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share this special moment with our daughter and her new husband Luis. Please keep my wife and I in prayer as we continue to go through these big transitions in the family.

Baptized into Christ

Thank for your prayers,we did it! Mario and Adriana were both baptized into Christ (Rom. 6:3-7). With God’s Word and your prayers, God can do big things in His kingdom! My wife and I had another wonderful study with Mario and Adriana, God was working. After our study they told us they wanted to be baptized tonight, and it could not wait until the morning. It was dark and raining because of all the storms that were happening here in Mexico. We told them we know where there was a pool that was heated but they told us “the people who were baptized in the Jordan River didn’t have those things and they don’t need them”. They said “the rain and cold water didn’t matter they wanted the peace of knowing their sins were forgiven”, Amen. That’s how we know someone truly understands the gospel! Another exciting highlight was after I baptized Mario into Christ he baptized his wife Adriana and it was a special moment. Please keep praying for them and the many other studies are team and church have going on right now. Let’s win souls for Jesus.
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Getting the Word Out



We have put a large color ad in the most popular newspaper in Cuernavaca to advertise our new interactive video class on the letters of John. So far we have had one person come and take the class as a result of the ad.


With the help of our partners in the gospel we have rented two spaces on two buses that run through the city 12 hours a day 7 days a week. We are really excited about this new effort and cannot wait to see the fruit that it will produce.




In the book of Acts Paul preached the gospel at the Jewish synagogues where he found many truth-seekers. We have put fliers at two local Christian books stores to help truth-seekers find out where we are located.