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Our kids went to L.T.C. on Easter weekend.

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      Our four daughters and Wesley Ellison had a chance to represent the New Home Church of Christ as they participated in this year’s L.T.C. in Dallas. This is an event where kids come from all over northern Texas  to be involved in events like Bible bowl, song leading, scripture reading, drama, puppets shows, and many other events. This year’s theme was the book of John and so our girls had spent a lot of time in the book of John prepareing for this event. The location where our kids competed at there were about 1,000 kids, but there were also two other locations in Dallas where kids were participating. This is an awsome experience where young people have a chance to be involved in spiritual training. Our kids brought home many medals from Bible bowl, Christian art, and other challenages that they had taken part in. Our kids had a wonderful time and we as parents felt blessed as our children had this oppertunity to be involved in such a faith building experience.  

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 We have been training at Sunset since August 2007

bible1   S.I.B.I.               

       My wife and I have recently graduated from S.I.B.I. in May. My wife has graduated from the women’s program, and I graduated from the two year program with a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies. We have decided to stay six more months so we can attend the school of missions to help us better prepare for the mission field. My wife and I feel so very blessed to have been able to study here at Sunsets over the last couple of years. We truly feel our time here at Sunset has help us obtain the Biblical knowledge we will need to reach the lost people of this world. The time we will spend in the school of mission will also be just as beneficial in helping us succeed as Missionaries in Mexico. We hope to be leaving for Mexico between January and May 2010, we really could use your help by praying for us. 

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We have been working with the New Home Congregation since the June of 2008.

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        As my wife and I attended school at S.I.B.I. we have been doing a internship with a small church about 20 miles outside Lubbock.  The New Home church of Christ has been such a blessing for our family. My duties have included teaching the teen class on Wednesdays nights and Sunday mornings, also teaching and preaching in the assembly when Victor Ellison ( Sunset instructor) cannot or just asks me to cover. Victor is a instructor at Sunset who teaches Old Testament I & II, Church History, Daniel & Ezekiel, and the book of Revelation, it has been a blessing to work with such a Bible scholar while at New Home. My wife has been involved in teaching the women’s adult classes and teaching the pre-school class when needed. Our whole family was responsible for being in charged of the V.B.S. and will be looking forward to doing it again. We will be continuing with this internship until we leave to Mexico in 2010. All around this opportunity we have had to be involved with this congregation has not only better prepared us for ministry, but has been a real blessing to our lives.   

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We have been involved in nursing home & retirement home ministry since arriving in Lubbock in 2007.

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       Our family has been involved in various ministries since being in Lubbock. On Sundays we either visit a nursing home or as we currently are sharing  fellowship at a retirement home where I conduct a service for members of the church who can no longer attend church because their health and other various reasons. This has been such a blessing to be apart of, and the people we interact with are just wonderful.

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Worked with the inner city ministry in Erie for a week in July 2008

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      Another exciting ministry I was privileged enough to be a part of was a inner city work that is going on in Erie P.A. A Kevin and Terri Fry, and their son  Jeffrey have started a wonderful work in the inner city of Erie. Bob Jackson, Joel & Dawn Bell, and myself spent most of our time helping the Fry family reach out to  the homeless, gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes, and many other people who are hurting in the inner city of Erie. We were able to help the Fry family do many out reach efforts including repairing a lady’s roof, invite people off the street to a Bible study, we had a gospel meeting where someone preached every night, cleaned up trash off the streets, and just sat outside and talk to people about Jesus. We had a night that around nine people showed up to have a Bible study and it was really exciting.  It really was a blessing to see the heart of Kevin and Terri Fry as they continue to plant a church in this area that needs the gospel so badly. Our family at one time considered going to Erie to work with the Fry family, but we are now committed to going to Mexico. This was a very exciting oppertunity for me to be a part  of.

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October 2007 I was blessed to go to Romania.

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     In October of 2007  I was blessed to go on my first mission trip. A dear friend and classmate Mary Green and I traveled to Romania to help Lee Skelton with the great work he is doing in Sibiu Romania. We had a gospel meeting the first three nights after arriving in Sibiu, we helped hand out hundreds of fliers to invite people to the church, and I also had the privilege to preach on the last night of the gospel meeting. We than traveled to the capital city of Romania where we attended a meeting for all the missionaries in Romania to come together for four days and it was awesome. I have to say this was a life changing experience. 

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