Feeding Our Families

Our team and the current mission team in Cuernavaca decided we need to have an English service so we can continue to be feed spiritually. As we participate in our small groups and church services they have been more about learning Spanish then devotion to God. We will have an English service every Tuesday at 4:00. The team offered me the opportunity to preach the first sermon. I really appreciated the offer as my biggest struggle so far has been not being able to participate in any preaching or teaching. This was a real blessing and my soul was lifted by the wonderful singing. I don’t think I truely understood how much the singing on Sunday mornings encouraged me until now. Our first service was held at the church building but as time goes on we will take turns hosting it in each others homes.

Experiencing the Culture

It some cases the Mexican culture can be very different and even seem a little unusual to us. There are also other things about the culture that are really enjoyable and make a lot of sense to us. As I had commented on in our last newsletter how Sunday is a full day of fellowship. Our third Sunday worshipping with the church in Cuernavaca we spent the entire day with some of the nationals (10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). After church we went out to lunch and then spent time just sitting around talking and enjoying each other’s company. In the Mexican culture eating and spending time together has a lot of meaning. It is a time to forget about your busy schedule and all your worries. With the language barrier this was a slight challenge but it also showed us how in Christ Jesus language and culture cannot separate the bonds we share. As I think about how much relationships and spending time with people means in Mexico I think about passages in the book of Acts when the Christians were spending time in each other’s houses day by day (Acts 2:43-46).

Begining of our journey

Things are moving along slowly but surely! It took us a week and three days to find a house. We are trying to be patient as we are finding out how slow things work in Mexico. So far we have a couch, table, mattresses, and each other. We do feel our family is adjusting well. Our children have already been involved in a few youth activities, and we are getting around the city and getting many things done on our own. We have had the help of the current missionaries and our real estate agent (Juan Carlos) who has been extremely helpful. Our team has chosen to start language school on August 2nd. As husbands and fathers we felt June was too early because we need to be with our families in this beginning stage. For now we will be involved in a lot of informal language study. The last two Sundays we have been with the Spanish speaking brethren about six hours( Bible study, worship, and then fellowship). Dealing with cab drivers and people in stores and on the streets, it has been good practice for us. We praise God now that all three families have arrived safely in Cuernavaca. We know that only God could have brought these three families to this point. Amen! Please keep us in prayer as we continue on this journey of faith. We are praising God for all the supporters who have made our desire of taking the Gospel to Central Mexico possible. We could not have done this without you!! We NEVER  could have done this without you!!