Born Anew

As we are taking this phase of language and culture study seriously, we are also seeing that God is drawing people to Himself through us. Lourdes the Garcia’s Landlord is one of those people. She immediately began attending services and studying the Bible with the Gracias as soon as she was invited. We have been praying that God will send truth seekers into our paths. Lourdes was a definite answer to those prayers. It has been so exciting to speak with her and watch her grow as she is so eager to learn more about God and the truth that is found in the scriptures! Don’t we serve an awesome and powerful God?

Hosting a Small Group

We had our first small group and things went really well. We had 8 people show up (14 if you include our family). Yesterday during our group I read (John 1:1-14) in Spanish for the first time and then made a few comments about the text in Spanish. I also led my first song in Spanish (Santo Senor). I know these are small things but when your goals are to teach and preach in Spanish these things feel like milestones. My wife has been doing such a wonderful job serving the Mexican people with warm hospitality. I thank God for the wife He sent me. Lately I find myself reflecting on how much God can do when we throw our lives at His feet and ask Him to go to work! I praise God for all of those who support us in prayers. Please keep praying for us. We could not be here doing the greatest job in the world without you. God bless.