Launching The Bible School

Our team’s mission plan is to plant a Bible school where people can learn the Bible at a more in-depth level. On February 26th we offered our first class. We had five students show up from our congregation and we are expecting a few others who seem interested in taking some course. We have just started a Sunset course called “The Life of Christ” by Richard Rogers. Sunset has partnered with us by supplying a few courses on D.V.D. to help us start this new school. We will have many options as we have the ability to connect online with three different Bible schools who offer classes in Spanish. Our vision is use this course to mature the disciples we are making in our congregation and to offer theses classes to the community to attract more truth seekers. This was a exciting day for us at La Fuente Iglesia de Cristo and only God knows the wonderful things He will do in the near future.

Added to God’s Church

Prayer Partners,
We are seeing the fruit from the many prayers people back home have been praying for the work here in Cuernavaca. We had asked for prayers for a man named Miguel Angel and his daughter who have been attending the church for a few months. Our teammate Patrick started studying with Miguel just few weeks ago and yesterday he decided he wanted to put his faith in Jesus and be baptized into Christ (Rom.6:3-7; Gal. 3:26-27). Another person we have been asking for prayers for is our neighbor across the street Sandra. She has been coming to services and studies ever since we started La Fuente. Sandra informed me she is very close to making the decision to obeying the gospel (1Pt. 1:22; Acts 6:7). Please keep praying for Miguel and Sandra. We also just had a group from Sunset International Bible Institute visit and we had a big campaign. Please pray for all those we handed out fliers to and invited to church. God is good and He is working through your prayers.


My name is Dominique Reyes. During the three years that my family lived in Texas I had many wonderful experiences such as Mission trips, Youth camps, Leadership Training for Christ, feeding the homeless, and coming to know the A.I.M. program. While my parents studied at S.I.B.I. our family worked with a small church outside of Lubbock called New Home Church of Christ. It was there that I began to teach a Bible class for 2-5 year olds and was baptized into Christ on January 26, 2010. Being part of a mission team who is working in Cuernavaca, Mexico has provided many opportunities for me to participate in God’s kingdom. I am currently teaching a Bible class for 4-7 year olds. I frequently visit the children’s home, and am very involved with the youth group. All these experiences have instilled in me a strong desire to first go through the A.I.M. program at S.I.B.I. in Lubbock, Texas before following my dream to go to Harding University to become an Art Teacher. It is my desire to be an effective and equipped servant of God. I want to know His word, and be able to teach others about Him. There are people everywhere who do not know who Jesus is, and I want to be a part of changing that. I have had the opportunity to spend time with A.I.M.ers during our time in Texas and here in Mexico. There is a team of A.I.M.ers serving in Leon, Mexico that I was blessed enough to be invited to go and stay with for 12 days to see how they live and serve God on the field. This experience only furthered my desire to enter into the A.I.M. program. I will graduate in May of 2012 and plan to go to A.I.M. in August of 2012. The A.I.M. program is an intensive 8-month Bible training program followed by 18 months on the mission field. It is so rigorous that the students who study there are unable to work. Therefore, our family’s sponsoring congregation (Sunset Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas) and my parents, and another missionary family have already agreed to support me while I study at AIM as well as during my time on the mission field. I am, however, still looking to raise both one-time and monthly support. If you or the congregation you attend would be interested in supporting an A.I.M. student please send me an e-mail at and I will send you more information. Please lift my plans to serve God in prayer.