Welcome Home Gift

Prayer Partners,

We made it back to Cuernavaca, Mexico with no problems. It was such a blessing to go to church and worship with our congregation (La Fuente Iglesia de Cristo). The brothers and sisters in Christ are working so hard for Jesus, including man Mexican brother and sisters. It was a joy to see two of the Mexican ladies teaching children’s Sunday class. Last night our youngest daughter Serenity came in our room and told my wife and I that she wanted to be baptized into Christ (Rom. 6:3; Gal. 3:26-27). Wow, God is good; our first Sunday back and my wife and I were blessed with such a wonderful gift. Please pray for me as I strive to be a better Missionary, Evangelist, Teammate, Father, Husband, and Disciple of Jesus. God is working here in Cuernavaca, Mexico and your prayers deserve much credit. Please keep praying for us, Amen!!!

Leaving the Nest

This trip has been very emotional for my wife and I as we are helping our daughter Dominique get ready for the A.I.M. program. Taking her school shopping was one of those experiences that just seem to make this a bigger reality and put extra stress on my wife and I. We know this is a wonderful thing that she is doing but it is going to be a long hard trip back to Mexico with one less kid in the family. God is good.

Preaching at Our Philippi

Preaching at the Sunset Church of Christ is always a privilege and honor, but when I preached there on August 5th it was a very special moment for me. The message I preached was from Philippians. When we study the letter of Philippians we find some strong Bible text for how we do missions in God’s Kingdom. The Philippians shared in the spreading of the gospel (Phil.1:7) with Paul by providing for his needs as he went through out the region preaching the good news (Phil.4:14-18). We also see that Paul was closer to this congregation than any other congregation he planted, well at least this is my conviction. The Sunset Church of Christ is very close to our heart and they share in God’s mission by sharing their financial resources with our family so we can live and preach God’s word in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Basically Sunset is our Philippi, and we praise God for them!