8th Year Anniversity

2004 not long before my conversion

People who know my past know that at one point I was totally immersed into the sinful lusts of this world. I want everyone to know that I have never been the same since I was immersed into Christ (Rom.6:2-7; Gal.3:27; Acts2:38; Col.2:11-13). The things of this world could never compare to Jesus, and what I have waiting for me on the other side (Rom.8:18; 1Pt.1:3,4). Something that I have always wrestled with since becoming a Christian is being open about my past. Little by little I seem to see I can use my past to help others who struggle. When I heard the gospel I was chainned down by a drug and alcohol habbit that had destroyed my life and hurt family for years. August 24th will always be speacial day for me as I celebrate another year of being freed form drugs, alcohol, and even violence. God is amazing because not only can He take a person like myself and change him but He can shape him into the image of His son and use him in His Kingdom. God is great! Confessing this on my web page was a big step for me 🙂