New addition to the family

On October 4, 2013 our oldest daughter Dominique Reyes was married to a current S.I.B.I. student named Luis Hernandez. Luis is in his second year of studying to get his bachelor in Biblical Studies at Sunset International Bible Institute. Although for a dad this was a very difficult and stressful time, what a blessing it was to see our daughter committing her life to someone just as God had planned. It was a very heavy week of preparation before the wedding, but in the end it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share this special moment with our daughter and her new husband Luis. Please keep my wife and I in prayer as we continue to go through these big transitions in the family.

Baptized into Christ

Thank for your prayers,we did it! Mario and Adriana were both baptized into Christ (Rom. 6:3-7). With God’s Word and your prayers, God can do big things in His kingdom! My wife and I had another wonderful study with Mario and Adriana, God was working. After our study they told us they wanted to be baptized tonight, and it could not wait until the morning. It was dark and raining because of all the storms that were happening here in Mexico. We told them we know where there was a pool that was heated but they told us “the people who were baptized in the Jordan River didn’t have those things and they don’t need them”. They said “the rain and cold water didn’t matter they wanted the peace of knowing their sins were forgiven”, Amen. That’s how we know someone truly understands the gospel! Another exciting highlight was after I baptized Mario into Christ he baptized his wife Adriana and it was a special moment. Please keep praying for them and the many other studies are team and church have going on right now. Let’s win souls for Jesus.
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