At times I have struggled with the issue of Christians participating in such a pagan holiday as Halloween. In Acts 17 we read the account of the apostle Paul walking through Athens which was a city full of idols. Luke tells us that when Paul had seen all the idols the spirit within him was provoked. (Acts 17:16). He took the fact that they were pagan idol worshippers as an opportunity to preach the gospel to them (Acts 17:22-31). The New Home church of Christ has been reaching out to their community over the last year and a half. On October 31 we had our second trunk or treat. The church handed out candy and had each person sign up for a drawing to win a stuffed lion which would be given away at our first Wednesday of the month potluck.  We had over 60 people sign up for the drawing. Although we did not have much of a turnout on our Wednesday night potluck we did have a wonderful opportunity that came from this effort. My wife and I came in contact with a lady that has agreed to study the Bible with us. My wife and I have already gone to her house and prayed, studied, and ministered to her needs. We also had a chance to meet with her brother and he allowed us to pray for him about some of the struggles he is facing in his life. This lady’s name is Yolanda and she has asked us to come back every Tuesday night so we can continue to study God’s word with her. My wife and I are so excited about the opportunity that resulted from this year’s trunk or treat. God has truly blessed us by putting this woman and her family into our lives. I don’t think that we should be dressing up like little demons or devils on Halloween, but I do think we should take every opportunity to reach the lost people of this world. We ask that you will keep this woman and her family in your prayers.

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