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My wife and I made a five day trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico so we could take a closer look at the conditions of living, language school, cost of living, and opportunities for a new church plant. We were so encouraged by the missionaries currently work there, the warm welcome of  the Mexican people, and the opportunities that we saw for gospel preaching. The Missionaries and Mexican Christians encouraged us to come and help spread the gospel in Cuernavaca. There is a tremendous need for more workers to reach the one million lost souls. Our hearts were deeply touched by a visit to the local orphanage. Fostering children is a passion our whole family shares. The church in Cuernavaca has a vision of starting their own orphanage soon but they are still in need of more help. The missionaries have studies during the week so they can study with the lost and mature young Christians. It was a joy to sing songs and see the people discovering God’s word together. On the Lord’s day we worshipped with the church and it was a great experience. We were able to see how the people of Cuernavaca are searching for truth. That Sunday there was a family of five that wanted to obey the gospel and be baptized into Christ (Rom.6:3-7). We met a 17 year old named Carlos who had been studying with the missionaries, the day after our return we received word that he made the decision to become a Christian. Amen!  There were so many things that we loved about our trip to Cuernavaca but the two biggest impressions that were left on us was the idolatry we saw and the multitudes of people who do not know the truth.

3 thoughts on “Cuernavaca, Mexico

  1. Hi Im Jenny from philippines:)
    I just browsed your site because Im looking for some of my relatives, I get interested in your church involvement,Im also a christian, a member of Victory Christian Fellowship Bacoor Philippines, and praying to join mission in God’s perfect time.
    Hope to hear from you and May God continue to bless your church and family.

  2. Wow that is awesome to hear about your desire. I have a friend who just returned to the Philippines to plant a church. His name is Charlie Sabodo (not sure if that is how to spell last name correctly).

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