We made it! We have just graduated from the School of Missions. As we went through the six-month mission program at Sunset we felt so blessed to have this opportunity. As a team and family we were able to grow so much. Our team was able to sit at the feet of men who have successfully done mission work all over the world. Not only did we learn about the most effective approaches to foreign missions, but we also learned how to not make the same mistakes other missionaries have made in the past. I would say that some of the high lights of our training was the study of Anthropology, training leaders in the Lord’s church, mental health of the missionary, and these were just a few. We were able to study and learn so much about church planting, church growth, leadership training, and evangelism that I would highly recommend this type of training for people who are working here in the states. Even though our time at Sunset is over and we are moving to the next level, our team is still taking steps to be better prepared for the mission field. From January 11-13 we participated in an interpersonal relationship workshop. The fact that all the members on our team (wives included) feel so strongly about taking advantage of any knowledge and training that will help us on the field really gives my wife and I great confidence. This is just one of the several workshops we plan to attend before departing to the mission field. We absolutely praise God for all the supporters who partnered with us so we could have the opportunity to study at the Sunset Scholl of Missions!

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