Experiencing the Culture

It some cases the Mexican culture can be very different and even seem a little unusual to us. There are also other things about the culture that are really enjoyable and make a lot of sense to us. As I had commented on in our last newsletter how Sunday is a full day of fellowship. Our third Sunday worshipping with the church in Cuernavaca we spent the entire day with some of the nationals (10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). After church we went out to lunch and then spent time just sitting around talking and enjoying each other’s company. In the Mexican culture eating and spending time together has a lot of meaning. It is a time to forget about your busy schedule and all your worries. With the language barrier this was a slight challenge but it also showed us how in Christ Jesus language and culture cannot separate the bonds we share. As I think about how much relationships and spending time with people means in Mexico I think about passages in the book of Acts when the Christians were spending time in each other’s houses day by day (Acts 2:43-46).

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