On July 6th I turned 35 years old. As the years have gone by my birthday has become just another day to me. This year was a special one because it was my first birthday celebrated in our new home (Mexico). Our teammates along with Doug and Sandy Holcomb spent the day with our family. We had one of my favorite meals, fajitas! In the evening two Mexican families came over and we celebrated my birthday again with coffee, cake, and fellowship. I had a wonderful birthday this year. Thank you Lord for blessing me. We also had another great opportunity to host people in our home. If you know anything about Latin culture soccer (or as they call it down here in Mexico “Futbol”) is a big deal. Our family was privileged enough to host a gathering in our home to watch the world cup soccer game. Not counting our family we had twenty one people in our home. The exciting thing was that there were two lost people who were able to experience the community of God. We cannot say enough about the wonderful fellowship we are experiencing here in Mexico. Isn’t hospitality powerful (Rom.12:13; 1Pt.4:9)?

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