Seeing Fruit


We have seen some exciting things happing here in Cuernavaca, Mex-ico. We have now been here for five months and have seen five people obey the gospel! We are blessed as God used our team to bring the good news (Lourdes; Garcia’s Landlord) to one of these new believers. Our team and family are making contacts and are often impressed by the receptivity we see here in central Mexico. It can be discouraging as our lack of Spanish often limits our ability to reach out to the people around us. There was a lot of thought and prayer put into our deci-sion to come to Mexico. Seeing all the fruit that has been produced in such a short amount of time has brought me to two different convic-tions. One is that God is at work here in central Mexico, and two is we have made a good decision to do mission work in central Mexico. As we are able to interact with the current missionaries and the na-tionals we feel very blessed. We are al-ready praying and dreaming about what God will do with our team in the near fu-ture. The words of Jesus are ringing clear when He told His disciples “the fields are white and ready for harvest”! Please be praying for these new brothers and sis-ters in Christ (Pepe, Lourdes, Janelly, Luz Maria, and Maribel).

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