Language Learning

The first phase of year one is dedicated to language learning. So far we have stayed on task and are seeing some real progress. The second week of September our four daughters (Dominique, Jasenia, Deasha, and Serenity) finished their six weeks of immersion language study at Chac-Mool Spanish Institute. Since that time they have been meeting with a Span-ish instructor once a week for three hours to further their language study. On October 29th my wife and I completed twelve weeks of immersion language study also at Chac-Mool Spanish Institute. It is amaz-ing to see how far we have come in just a short amount of time, but it is also humbling to see how much further we need to go. Please keep praying for our language learning as we know that the power of God and the prayer’s of the saints deserve so much credit for what God is doing in our lives.
Language Study
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