Worth the Risk

It was so nice to receive a visit from my Dad. I find it really interesting that when a person is doing mission work in another country a personal visit from a friend or family member can be so encouraging. My Dad was able to come and spend 21 days here in Cuernavaca and he says he really loved it! I think some really important things have been accomplished by this visit. The most important thing is that my Dad has been able to see that his granddaughters are happy and safe. Yes I said safe. Many of our friends and family sees the things on the news and automatically assumes we are living in very dangerous conditions. My Dad voiced how safe he felt while being here in Cuernavaca. This city has made the news at times but what people don’t understand is the violence is mainly between drug cartels and those who are involved in drug trade. Yes there is always the possibility of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but does not the same possibility exists in the U.S. as well? People become victims of crime in the U.S. all the time. If you compared the crime rate between a U.S. city like Dallas to a city in Mexico it would not even compare. Have we taken a risk by coming to Mexico to do Mission work? Yes we have, but when we look at the possibility of the gospel growing in Mexico it is worth the risk. Besides Jesus said He would be with us always Matt. 28:20 I feel a little down when I see people in the brotherhood fired up about sending missionaries into the Muslim world (where there is religious persecution) and yet discourage missionaries from going to a place like Mexico.  I feel a since of peace as my Dad will return to the States and assure everyone we have made a responsible choice to bring our family to do mission work in Mexico.

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  1. Greeting Recardo and family, and God bless you guys!! I’m writing from Georgia and am wondering if you will still be in Cuernavaca in June and July of this year. If so, I’d love to come and meet you guys and maybe help out with your ministry in some aspect.

    I’m Methodist by church affiliation, but I’m first a follower of Jesus and as a Spanish teacher, with my summers off, I am being led more and more to spend them in ministry to Christ. I’ve looked for an email address to contact you personally, but didn’t find one. Can you send me one? I’d like to talk with you.



  2. I am so pleased your visit with dad was a blessed one. He came back so overjoyed. He couldn’t express enough how he loved the climent and his bones didn’t hurt. When he arrived home in New Orleans, he said, “I loved it there and everything was great, food, people and it’s history.” So, our prayers were answered it was blessed. Now he’s about his daily routine fixn what ever needs fixn, going to church, bible study @ John 3:16 on fridaynights. He steady growing in God’s word everyday. God is faithful. Well, I pray one day we will finally meet. Please know it’s a blessing to see how much joy you bring to his eyes when he speaks about you. God bless, Melissa

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