A Trip to Corinth (Mexico City)

From studying deeper into what the city of Corinth must have been like in the days of Paul I think it was similar to what Mexico City is like today. Corinth was a large city full of people and ideas from everywhere. It was a place of trade, wealth, and even worship (of course pagan worship). We can read in history about the temple of Aphrodite and the one thousand priestesses who were sacred prostitutes. Corinth was an ungodly place where every thing goes. There are so many things such as abortion that are illegal in Mexico except in Mexico City.  My family has now lived in Mexico for nine months and made three trips to Mexico City.  When I go to Mexico City my heart grieves as Paul’s did when he when to Athens (Acts 17:16). You can see a little of everything; people walking on their knees to  the local cathedral (in hope of forgiveness of sins) , homosexuality, prostitution, Aztec rituals for healing, tarot card reading, etc. All these things are easily found everywhere in Mexico, but in Mexico City there in your face and widely accepted. Our team and family is focusing on Cuernavaca which is 45 minutes south of Mexico City and think we can have an impact from here. The more I visit Mexico City the more I am convinced that we must evangelize it! If we are going to impact Mexico we must evangelize one the biggest City in the world (Mexico City). At this time my family is not fit or willing to target Mexico City, but my heart and prayers are asking God to send more workers into the field of Mexico City.

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