Thanking God For My Biblical Education

Today I could not stop praising God for the education I received while studying at S.I.B.I. A sister in Christ called me last night saying how she was really disturbed by the things she was reading in the Minor Prophets. She said she could not believe how violent God was treating His own people and other nations. Today we studied the Covenant of Blessing and Cursing (Deut.28:1-52), how God judges nations, the cup of iniquity, the day of the Lord, the book of Joel, and a list of questions she had from the New Testament. Teaching this material in Spanish is such a challenge, but it would have been so much more difficult if I did not have the education S.I.B.I. gave me which allows me to easily find and explain these verses and concepts. I now thank God for the 10 page papers and the sleepless nights. Today I was so excited after this sister left with a better understand of God.

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