Fruit in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Once again we are able to see God blessing our family. This was the most fruitful week we have seen since being here in Mexico. I had three Bible studies with Christians who had questions and doubts about things they were learning in Scripture. On Friday & Saturday I was able to answer some questions about the doubts that Danii (Daniel) Garcia (We had just recently asked everyone to be praying for him) was having about being baptized and becoming a Christian. Sunday I preached in Spanish on being saved by the blood of Jesus and not by our good and bad deeds. By the power of God things went twice as good as I was hoping for. After service Danii was baptized into Christ (Rom.6:2-7). Zack Williams who works with the youth had been studying with Danii over the last few months. God had really worked through Zack and youth to bring Danii to this decision. A women named Margarita who has been studying with a national couple (Julio & Yesenia) told us today she wants to be baptized. She said she still has a few more questions about some things in the Bible before she follows through with this decision. We also spoke with one of the leaders from the national church and they said they also had a baptism today! Again we see God working here in Central Mexico. Please keep praying because it is making a big difference in God’s kingdom!

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  1. I am enjoying reading about and praying for the Reyes family in Cuernavaca so much. Our daughter, Hope, was part of the original team there. It is so wonderful to see all the growth and to know that the WORK continues. May our Father continue to bless all six of you.

  2. I live in Cuernavaca and would love to meet your team. I have also moved here recently! Wonderful to find some english speaking believers. please email me!

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