La Fuente’s first baptism

Being on the mission field in another country can bring many struggles and trials on our life’s but when we see someone give their live to Jesus and obey the gospel (Acts 6:7) it makes it all worth it. This is how we recently felt when we watch a man named Geraldo immersed into Christ (Gal.3:26:27). Geraldo studied at the University just down the street from where we worship and decided to come and visit us. He immediately began to ask questions and study the Bible. He asked us about our free Bible studies and so Jeff Sims our teammate began studying with him for hours at a time. Our family had went to the States to visit our Sponsoring congregation and when we returned we were so excited to hear Geraldo was wanting to obey the gospel. Geraldo was an answer to our prayers for God to send us truth seekers. We hope everyone back home who prays and supports us understands that we all share in these wonderful victories. God is good and continues to bless us here in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

One thought on “La Fuente’s first baptism

  1. God is doing amazing things on the mission field and will continue to do so. All the praise and glory be to Him. Keep updating bro, I enjoy reading the wonders that God brings. Miss y’all! A big hug goes out to y’all! 🙂 ¡Hasta pronto!

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