Kingdom Expanded

Our family met a woman named Veronica about two weeks after we had arrived in Mexico. She is a very sweet woman and has a big heart. She is a single mom who is raising three kids. We have asked for our prayer group to be praying for Veronica, her sons Antonio, Isaac, and her daughter Sarai. For almost two years we have tried to reach out and serve her and her family. It has taken a lot of patience and long suffering but God is good and he will draw people to himself throw us. Our team has invested greatly into this family and are really excited about the gifts Veronica brings to the body of Christ. After attending the services and having personal studies she finally told me she no longer needed to investigate because she knows what she must do to have salvation and follow Christ. Even before Veronica made the decision to become a Christian she was already participating in the rotation of cleaning the church building and preparing meals for our weekly potlucks. Our whole team has become very fond of this family and we are excited to see them grow in their faith. Please be praying for Antonio and Isaac and our weekly Bible study.

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