Added to God’s Church

Prayer Partners,
We are seeing the fruit from the many prayers people back home have been praying for the work here in Cuernavaca. We had asked for prayers for a man named Miguel Angel and his daughter who have been attending the church for a few months. Our teammate Patrick started studying with Miguel just few weeks ago and yesterday he decided he wanted to put his faith in Jesus and be baptized into Christ (Rom.6:3-7; Gal. 3:26-27). Another person we have been asking for prayers for is our neighbor across the street Sandra. She has been coming to services and studies ever since we started La Fuente. Sandra informed me she is very close to making the decision to obeying the gospel (1Pt. 1:22; Acts 6:7). Please keep praying for Miguel and Sandra. We also just had a group from Sunset International Bible Institute visit and we had a big campaign. Please pray for all those we handed out fliers to and invited to church. God is good and He is working through your prayers.

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