Striving for the Goal

Since July of last year our second youngest daughter Deasha has been extremely involved in track. She trains 4 to 5 days out of the week for about four hours a day. Deasha started training in a 100 and a 200 meter run. After her first competition she took 4th over all in her age group, since then she added the long jump to her training. She has now competed in three different competitions, two here in Cuernavaca and one in Mexico City. Deasha took 4th the second time competing in Mexico City but has really improved since then. Her most recent competition Deasha took 3rd in the 100 meter run and 1st in the long jump. Many of the girls Deasha is competing against have been training for years, the girl that Deasha beat in the long jump had won a national championship before. Needless to say as a church and family we are very proud of her for her effort and accomplishments.

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