Leadership in God’s Church

Ever since we arrived here in Cuernavaca, Mexico God put a very important family in our life. Julio, Yesenia, and thier son Yale. Julio and Yesenia are members at the Rio De Vida congregation. Julio teaches, preaches, and thier family is involved in every event or class the church offers. He is in my preacher class and it is a joy to teach people who have such hunger for God’s word. The reason Julio is such an important man is that Doug & Sandy Holcomb who have been working with this church will be soon returning to the States and Julio and a group of men wll be leading this congregation. I have attached a link of his last sermon, although it is in spanish you can easy see the gift God has given him. http://qik.com/video/1bd6242519b248668e6851fd70eafdfb

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