Serving the Lost

God has open some new doors for La Fuente Iglesia de Cristo. We have been visiting a group of people who are very poor in a part of Cuernavaca called Ocotopec. There are a group of about 40 people who are mostly made up of women and children. Most of these children have only one parent who works during the day and so the children are left to fend for themselves during the day, without food in the house. We have gone and provided a meal, played soccer with the kids, broken a pinata, gave away clothes, and have even begun to shared a little of God’s word. It has been a wonderful blessing to watch our members serve these people. There are a few women who live in cardboard houses. Our intent is to show them Christ through our actions, but the prayer is we will be able to share the gospel with them. My conviction is we could feed the poor, heal the sick, and even raise the dead but if the gospel is not shared we have not done the best we could for someone. Sharing the message of eternal life should always be our goal…..

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