Prayer Requests (March 24th 2013)

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Adrian leading the Lord’s Supper

Prayer Partners,
Today we had another great day in Christ! This is our forth Sunday with over 50 people in attendance (54). What is a little more encouraging is we are seeing our Mexican brothers inviting their friends and family. Please keep praying for the evangelism and growth of the church. Another exciting thing that is happening is the growth of our new convert Adrian. The last couple weeks we are spending a lot of time together studying the Bible and I am trying to connect him to the service of God. Last week I asked him to read scripture in service and this week I asked him to serve on the table for the Lord’s Supper. I am hoping to have him do a talk for the collection next week. We have already had a few conversations about the possibility of him preaching. We have also talked about him starting a prayer ministry by visiting hospitals and praying for the people who are sick. Please pray the Lord continues to work in his heart and helps him to resist the temptations of sin. Next week on Tuesday March 26th we are starting a new video course on first and second Peter. Arthur Puente will be teaching the class and we are really excited. Please pray we can get the word out and many students and possible contacts will be made through this class. The Lord is good, let’s win souls for Jesus!

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