The Santa Muerte (The Saint of Death)

The are many reason why our family feels called to work in Mexico preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, many of those reasons are drug trafficking, violence, Idol worship, etc. One of the more recent burdens on my heart has been the growth of the worship of the saint of death. I took this photo not far from my house where they sell almost life size idols of the saint of death. This is a belief that started among many criminals in Mexico, but since then has spread into many families all over. Many people who I have talked with have either a friend or family member who owns an image of La Santa Muerte (The Saint of Death). I have copied a link to a documentary about the saint of death if you are interested in knowing more. One of the realities about Mexico is what happens on the south side of the border will sooner or later effect those on the north side of the border. We have much work to do but one thing we love about Mexico is people are very spiritually minded and almost all believe in a higher power so we immediately have a place to start. Youtube link:


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