Lives Being Changed

In May of 2011 our family moved into a house in the center of the city, our prayer was that God would use us to bring some of our neighbors to Christ. Shortly after moving in we met a women named Sandra and her son Ivan who is mentally handicapped. Sandra’s speaks English very well because she lived in the U.S. and Canada for several years. Sandra had been divorced many years ago and was very lonely as she lived with her son Ivan. She was really open to learning about God’s Word and coming to church but, we quickly realized she had many problems. Sandra was struggling with alcoholism. Over a two year period my wife and I worked with Sandra trying to help her in with her battle with alcohol and other struggles. Sandra wrestled with the fact that God would forgive her of all her sins. As we worked with her she seemed to think that she had to change her life before God would accept her. She faithfully came to a small group at our house and came to our Sunday morning assembly but would not obey the gospel. We studied with her continually and taught her the gospel in every way we could think of. She told us several times she was she was doing better with her drinking and smoking cigarettes and was almost ready to be baptized but she always found an excuse why she was not ready. At times I was almost ready to give up on her but, what a reward it was when she was baptized into Christ. It took two years of Bible studies, prayer, hours of ministering, and lot of faith but when she was baptized it was worth every minute of it. God is amazing!

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