Interactive Video Courses

cropped-Church-Planting.jpgEvangelism: I am excited about some of the things God is doing here in Cuernavaca and want to share a few of them with those who pray for our family, team, and work. We recently meet as a team and are planning some ways to reach out to the community. One of our families’ supporting congregations the Woodbury church of Christ has agree to help us fund some advertizing for our congregation and for our new interactive video Bible courses that we will offer on August 18th. We have already offered one course (1&2Peter, taught by Arthur Puente from Lubbock, Texas) and it went great for both our members and for making new contacts. We are working with the Mexican leaders on how and when to advertize the video courses and the congregation. The two ways we are working on is through the newspaper and by renting a space on a city bus. We are involving the Mexican leaders in the contacting the newspaper and writing the ads to help them be apart of everything we do. Yesterday I stopped by a taco stand on the side of the road and notice the couple (Gonzalo and Carmen) who sell tacos had a Bible with them, we quickly started having a Bible study while I enjoyed the wonderful tacos (Taco Evangelism!). I learn they attend a Catholic Church but love learning the Bible and have started attending different denominational Bible studies during the week. I told them about the video courses we will be having starting in August and they were really excited. Of course I will continue to visit them to study and eat tacos but I think these courses are very attractive for people of all different church groups. About 80% of the people who are visiting our congregation come because they pass by and seen a sign advertising the congregation and the Bible study center. Please spend some time praying for our new efforts to reach the lost in Cuernavaca. God is good.

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