Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

DSC06706 Mario, Adriana, Julie, and Apollos are a family we met just weeks after arriving in Cuernavavca, Mexico. After many conversations we knew this family would be an excellent addition to our future work if we could help God win their souls. Three years later the Lord provided just that and what we believed before has proven to be true. Mario and Adriana have introduced us to more than 10 new contacts and we have had several Bible studies and even a baptism. One of the people Mario brought to La Fuente was a man named Enrique Puntos. From the first time we started studying with Enrique I knew he had a heart for God’s Word. Mario and myself spent a little over a month teaching Enrique the gospel and answering all his questions and doubts. Enrique has a desire to take this message to his family so please pray the Lord opens those doors. Let’s win souls for Jesus!

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