God brings the Increase

photo 5 (1) Ruben, Ada, and Irving are related to a family (Vero, Toño, Isaac, and Sarahi) who is very involved in the congregation. Ruben’s family has been coming to church and small group for over a year. Our small group and congregation has spent so much time praying, teaching, serving, and loving this family that it was a tremendous joy and relief when they finely decided to become Christians. We are so proud of Vero’s family for inviting this family to come and learn about the wonderful salvation we have in Christ Jesus. As I look back at when things began to change with Ruben’s family I have to point back during a week where Ruben, Mario, and myself were working together at the church building. Mario and myself began to confess our struggles with ourselves and in marriage. People outside the church need to see we are all just people with struggles, that is why we all need Jesus. Ruben, Ada, and Irving were getting ready to leave on vacation when Ruben contacted me and said “they wanted to obey the gospel before they left to go visit their family in Southern Mexico”, Amen! I love to see when a father or husband is baptized and they then baptize their own family members. What a joy it is to be a part of the Kingdom of God! 1Cor. 3:6 I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.

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