Desperate need for hope!

Newly Born Christians Born Again 2Born Again 5Out of the Wheel ChairI recently met a women named Virginia, after speaking with her I learned that her daughter (Lorena) has terminal cancer in her spine. The first thing I thought was “man would I love the chance to teach her the gospel”. I gave Virginia my number and told her I would like to met her daughter and pray for her. She called me a few days later and told me I could come and pray for Lorena.  After church I took one of our leaders Daniel (medical consultant at a pharmacy) to go visit Virginia and her daughter. After they told us they both believed in Jesus we began to study the gospel and the study could not have gone any better. Lorena and her mother Virginia have obeyed the TRUTH (1Pt. 1:22-23) and have received eternal life, Amen! It was such a humbling experience watching how much work and even pain it took Lorena to be baptized, but like she said ” it was all worth it because she received the greatest gift in the world, eternal life.” The cancer in Lorena’s spine is so bad Virginia had to give Lorena several injections into to her spine so she could withstand the pain of leaving her bed, being baptized, and then spending a few hours with her new family in Christ. It took four of us to perform the baptism but because we have so many brothers who are eager to serve it was no problem.  Virginia said “she knew that God sent us into each others paths because this is the hope they have been praying for.” They were baptized on Saturday (1/25/14) and when I talked to Virginia on Monday and she said her daughter is so happy after being baptized and that this is the first she has seen her smile since having the tumor in her spine. Virginia has said she can not believe how much God is blessing them after they have begun studying the Bible and have been baptized. Virginia has sold almost everything in her house to pay for Lorena’s medical expenses. Recently the doctors had to connect a tube directly to Lorena’s spine so she can inject morphine directly into her back, the veins in Lorena’s arms are all collapsed from the long period of time she has been taking injections to help with the pain she is in. We have started a study night at Lorena’s house on Wednesday nights and will also be picking her up to come to church when she is able (taking consideration the pain she is in). Please keep them in your prayers, Lorena is only 23 years old and it is a very difficult and painful situation to be involved in, but I am so humbled to be a part of God bringing His salvation into the lives of these two people who were in such desperate need for hope! God is good, let’s win more souls for Jesus!

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