Rest, Renew, and Retool

10407085_303713579818401_6622687412398438528_nFamily is the best! Recently our entire family was able to be together for a whole weekend, this was this first time in two years. We love being on the mission field but there is a big sacrifice we make as we leave our family members behind, and we make an even bigger sacrifice when we leave our own children behind. We are currently in a season where our kids our leaving home, getting married, and going to college and it has taken a bigger toll on the family emotionally then we expected. That is why we are so thankful to have supporters who not only care about the gospel message but also care for the messengers. The last four plus years working in Cuernavaca, Mexico have been amazing and we are eager to return to the mission field, but because of the recommendation of our sponsoring congregation we will take advantage of some time to rest, renew, retool, and to spend time with our family. We love those who pray and support us so much! God is good, let’s win souls for Jesus!


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