The gospel changes lives

Please watch this video we made for Sunset church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas who is our sponsoring congregation. One of our converts tells us how the gospel changed her life and although she mentions Sunset in the video everything she says in the video applys to every person who supports and/or prays for God’s mission in Cuernavaca. We could not preach God’s Word without you!

8th Year Anniversity

2004 not long before my conversion

People who know my past know that at one point I was totally immersed into the sinful lusts of this world. I want everyone to know that I have never been the same since I was immersed into Christ (Rom.6:2-7; Gal.3:27; Acts2:38; Col.2:11-13). The things of this world could never compare to Jesus, and what I have waiting for me on the other side (Rom.8:18; 1Pt.1:3,4). Something that I have always wrestled with since becoming a Christian is being open about my past. Little by little I seem to see I can use my past to help others who struggle. When I heard the gospel I was chainned down by a drug and alcohol habbit that had destroyed my life and hurt family for years. August 24th will always be speacial day for me as I celebrate another year of being freed form drugs, alcohol, and even violence. God is amazing because not only can He take a person like myself and change him but He can shape him into the image of His son and use him in His Kingdom. God is great! Confessing this on my web page was a big step for me 🙂

Welcome Home Gift

Prayer Partners,

We made it back to Cuernavaca, Mexico with no problems. It was such a blessing to go to church and worship with our congregation (La Fuente Iglesia de Cristo). The brothers and sisters in Christ are working so hard for Jesus, including man Mexican brother and sisters. It was a joy to see two of the Mexican ladies teaching children’s Sunday class. Last night our youngest daughter Serenity came in our room and told my wife and I that she wanted to be baptized into Christ (Rom. 6:3; Gal. 3:26-27). Wow, God is good; our first Sunday back and my wife and I were blessed with such a wonderful gift. Please pray for me as I strive to be a better Missionary, Evangelist, Teammate, Father, Husband, and Disciple of Jesus. God is working here in Cuernavaca, Mexico and your prayers deserve much credit. Please keep praying for us, Amen!!!

Leaving the Nest

This trip has been very emotional for my wife and I as we are helping our daughter Dominique get ready for the A.I.M. program. Taking her school shopping was one of those experiences that just seem to make this a bigger reality and put extra stress on my wife and I. We know this is a wonderful thing that she is doing but it is going to be a long hard trip back to Mexico with one less kid in the family. God is good.

Preaching at Our Philippi

Preaching at the Sunset Church of Christ is always a privilege and honor, but when I preached there on August 5th it was a very special moment for me. The message I preached was from Philippians. When we study the letter of Philippians we find some strong Bible text for how we do missions in God’s Kingdom. The Philippians shared in the spreading of the gospel (Phil.1:7) with Paul by providing for his needs as he went through out the region preaching the good news (Phil.4:14-18). We also see that Paul was closer to this congregation than any other congregation he planted, well at least this is my conviction. The Sunset Church of Christ is very close to our heart and they share in God’s mission by sharing their financial resources with our family so we can live and preach God’s word in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Basically Sunset is our Philippi, and we praise God for them!

Next Step In Life

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Our oldest daughter Dominque has now completed high school and will be leaving to the A.I.M. program in Lubbock, Texas very soon. Although we are very proud of her we are also struggling as parents to letting our baby daughter leave. Please be praying for us! Also we as a church had a graduation party for her and I have attached a video, please take the time to watch it!!! God is good.

Leadership in God’s Church

Ever since we arrived here in Cuernavaca, Mexico God put a very important family in our life. Julio, Yesenia, and thier son Yale. Julio and Yesenia are members at the Rio De Vida congregation. Julio teaches, preaches, and thier family is involved in every event or class the church offers. He is in my preacher class and it is a joy to teach people who have such hunger for God’s word. The reason Julio is such an important man is that Doug & Sandy Holcomb who have been working with this church will be soon returning to the States and Julio and a group of men wll be leading this congregation. I have attached a link of his last sermon, although it is in spanish you can easy see the gift God has given him.

By Doninique Reyes

It seems just like yesterday I moved to Mexico with my family and now it’s time for me to move again but this time it’s going to be different because, I’m leaving my family and my dog behind. My dog is a big part of my life. I had got her when I was 10. When my parents came to us and asked about what I thought about moving to Mexico the only thing I said was as long as my dog can come with me. And now I am leaving her behind for two years. It’s going to be hard but I know in the end going to AIM will be one of the best things for my life. With me graduating and starting to think about what I’m taking with me is starting to make it all feel real. The friends that I made here throughout my time here have started to feel like my family. I’m truly going to miss Mexico but ill forever keep the memories of having youth retreats, going to the children’s home, sleepovers, water balloon fights, youth bible studies, passing out flyers to invite people to church. These are just some of the things. The first time I went to the children’s home I meet a sweet little boy named Luis he came up to me and asked for a hug. He melted my heart. Every time I go he runs to me and gives me a big hug. Out of all the things all he wanted was to feel loved by someone. I hope during my time in AIM I can touch people’s hearts like Luis did to me. Before I leave to start a new adventure in my life I’m trying to enjoy as much as I can.